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WHSBCAP Requirements:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • 10th grade education or equivalent
  • Complete the 39-Hour Pre-apprentice Training
  • Two year Program requires full time Employment (32 to 42.5 hrs. weekly) of a Licensed Barber Shop or Salon Establishment. 
  • Worker's Comp. Insurance offered by Employer
  • Attend bi-weekly Related Supplemental Instruction Class
  • Written and Practical Exams

Fee: All fees are equal for Barbering and Cosmetology
       Total fee's are                       $4,500.00
       Class Kit and Textbook total $   600.00
       Total amount equals             $5,100.00
       Deposit to begin &                 $  950.00 
       Payment for kit & Textbook    $  600.00 
               Total deposit equals       $ 1,550.00
       Payment options are available. 
       Total due after deposit paid equals:
       Payment options are available. 
       Once you are eligible to Submit your Application for Exam 
       to the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, as stated on 
       application, there will be a fee of $125.00 paid to Board of 
       Barbering and Cosmetology 

Hands on experience working with actual customers
  • Paid Training with Worker’s Compensation
  • Employment advancements
  • Begin building your clientele while training “ON-THE-JOB”
  • Two year program leads to your Professional license in Barber or Cosmetology

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What WHSBCAP offers

Related Supplemental Instruction (R.S.I.), Organized Lesson Methods, Interactive
Lecture and Demonstration, Effective Communication, Guest Speakers, Projects and friendly competition, Credit for shows and classes related to the
beauty industry

Theory to include but not limited to…
Haircutting, Hair Color, Infection Control,
Business, Hairstyling, and much more

Practical Demonstration to include but
not limited to…Client Safety and
protection, Haircutting, blow-dry styling,
hair color,Health and Safety Procedures,
and California State Rules, Regulations,
Laws, and Acts

ON-THE-JOB Training( O.J.T.)
Employment potential in a licensed Barber Shop,
Salon, Spa Establishment Trained by a
licensed Barber or Cosmetologist Hands
on experience with customers and benefits